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#AccessibleAvent hashtag & campaign is created by @GinnyAndT that serves as raising awareness of disability access in real-life and in the digital world. Every day in December, post one thing that would make life more accessible. 

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A wide variety of thoughtful ideas from real-life to digital accessibility shared through #AccessibleAdvent hashtag. 

Day 1#Real-life Accessibility

I'd like to see card readers in shops and businesses which can move and be lifted down to me! Simple but effective. I want to be able to type my own PIN in wherever I go, for independence and security. 

GinnyAndT, creator of #AccessibleAdvent 

Day 2#Real-life Accessibility

Don't say "we are fully accessible". Access is about individual experience not an organisational strapline! Do give clear information about what you have and how to find out more, ideally both phone & text/email.

Fiona MacMillan 

Day 3#Digital Accessibility

Please caption your videos and caption them accurately. It makes your content more accessible to me as someone who sometimes struggles with auditory processing, as well as making it accessible for D/deaf and HoH people.

Erin Ekins 

What People Are Saying

An awesome idea that you should not missed!

  • Follow #AccessibleAdvent . It's the best hashtag there is for advent and reading all about it will prepare your mindset to care more and think about everything with accessibility in mind.

    Let's make 2021 the year when accessibility will no longer an afterthought.

    Also, start now

    Anuradha Kumari @miracle_404
  • loving this #AccessibleAdvent by @GinnyAndT 

    thank you for this #LittleBigA11y Details that make a big impact to the community. Watch out because we’ll retweet about everything that goes with this hashtag! Thank you Ginny! 

  • Have a look through @GinnyAndT’s brilliant #AccessibleAdvent for lots of things that would make disabled people’s lives easier – some of which we really shouldn’t have to (still) be asking for in 2020!

    Anna Nicholson @transponderings
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